·         CAL-PEP’S Karaoke Night 6/7/13 6pm - 10pm

·          CAL-PEP'S HIV/AIDS Awareness Golf Tournament 9/29/13 11am - Flyer 1 | Flyer 2

·         CAL-PEP’S Casino Night TBA


2013- FREE-Family Planning clinic dates for Dr. Johnson . Until further notice she is only here on Tuesday’s. Walk in’s are welcome but please call ahead of time if you can.

May 7th 1-5pm, May 21st 1-5pm

June 4th 1-5pm, June 18th 1-5pm

July 2nd 1-5pm, July 16th 1-5pm, July 30th 1-5pm

August 13th 1-5pm, August 27th 1-5pm

September 10th 1-5pm, September 24th 1-5pm

October 8th 1-5pm, October 22nd 1-5pm

November 5th 1-5pm, November 19th 1-5pm

December 3rd 1-5pm, December 17th 1-5pm, December 31st 1-5pm

Dear Friend,

We are writing to you to request your support of CAL-PEP 28 fundraising campaign in
recognition of our 28 years of operation and provision of services to high-risk populations in
Oakland, Alameda County and the greater bay area. CAL-PEP is a unique, African American
organization. We provide a range of health services that includes coordinated HIV testing,
outreach, van transportation services, substance abuse, mental health, employment support,
advocacy, research, community forums and violence prevention services. This CAL-PEP 28
campaign is CAL-PEP’s annual fundraiser. We will also continue to host small fundraisers
throughout the year.

Since 2009, CAL-PEP has been deeply impacted by the state and national financial crisis.
With the support of the board, funders, community, and staff, we have continued to operate.
Because of California’s ongoing budget crisis, we anticipate additional funding and budget cuts.
We serve highest need communities and serve individuals who are typically low-income,
substance users, sex-workers, offenders with criminal justice involvement and homeless. We
provide health services and programs to people on the margins that others refuse or choose not
to serve.
Since 1998, we have brought awareness, services, research and advocacy to address the HIV/
AIDS state of emergency in the African American community. During 2011, our dedicated
staff provided services to over 5,000 individuals. These services include HIV testing and
counseling, HIV/STD case management, risk reduction counseling, HIV/STD and substance
abuse prevention education groups and workshops and digital HIV prevention education via
the Hypechat website. CAL-PEP has an established reputation for research and evaluation of
program outcomes to demonstrate that services are effective. The agency is a partner in research
collaborations that involve the community in identifying needs, trends and direction of future

In October 2011, CAL-PEP opened a Family Planning Clinic on a part-time basis. The
economic realities that we face in our country and declining funds for HIV and AIDS services
has required a change in our strategic direction. Given our mission to provide health services
to high risk individuals, we have expanded our services to include substance abuse, ex-offender
and medical services. We ask that you support the CAL-PEP 28 fundraising campaign by pledging
$28 a month or $336 per year. We would appreciate any amount that you are willing to
contribute. Your contribution will be used to provide general and administrative support to
agency operations in the form of development, reception and administrative staff. Your support
is critical to CAL-PEP’s future.

Please return the enclosed response card. The CAL-PEP 28 Campaign will provide

contribution quarterly online updates to keep you abreast of our progress throughout the year.


Gloria Lockett
Executive Director

Carla Dillard Smith
Deputy Director



Congresswoman Barbara Lee
Oakland Tribune
“Lee celebrates millions spent on district programs”
January 15, 2008

Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day
Oakland Tribune
“HIV/AIDS medical van gives free, simple test for disease”
Also check for this title “Van offers painless, saliva-swipe HIV Tests”
February 8, 2008

Black AIDS Awareness Day
The Globe Newspaper Group
“CAL-PEP spreads awareness about HIV/AIDS”
February 13-19, 2008



Get Screened Oakland, National HIV Testing Day
Oakland Tribune, metro section, pg 2
June 28, 2007
*Please Note: We could not access this article online. Suggestion to take the print copy to the Oakland Tribune to try to get online copies. Not sure of the title but there’s a picture of CAL-PEP staff member, Sonya Richey giving Mayor Ron Dellums a HIV Test.

Art & Soul Festival
The Oakland Post
“Free AIDS Testing at Art & Soul Festival”
August 29, 2007
*Please Note: We could not access this article online. Suggestion to take the print copy to Oakland Post to try to get online copies. Article is scanned on g drive \\Calpeptera6\general\EVENTS\Art and Soul\Art and Soul 07

World AIDS Day
The Globe Newspaper Group
“CAL-PEP to offer HIV Testing on World AIDS Day”
November 28-December 4, 2007

World AIDS Day

The Globe Newspaper Group
“CAL-PEP, National Coalition of 100 Black Women Join Forces to offer free HIV testing”
December 12-18, 2007



World AIDS Flier
SF Bayview
November 29, 2006

World AIDS Day
The Globe Newspaper Group
“East Bay AIDS Activist Urge More Testing”
November 29-December 5, 2006

World AIDS Day
The Globe Newspapers
“Sista’s Getting Real About HIV/AIDS billboard campaign kicks off”
December 6-12, 2006
*Please Note: Scanned pdf article is on g drive \\Calpeptera6\general\EVENTS\EVENTS 2007\WORLD AIDS DAY

World AIDS Day
The Sun Reporter Publishing Company
“Rep. Barbara Lee Takes HIV Test As Activists Mark World AIDS Day”
December 7, 2006
Please Note: We could not access this article online. Suggestion to take the print copy to the Sun Reporter to try to get online copies. Scanned pdf article is on g drive \\Calpeptera6\general\EVENTS\EVENTS 2007\WORLD AIDS DAY

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